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Classic Car Auction


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May 28, 2016, at 7 pm

in line with Swiss Classic World, Lucerne




May 27-28, 2016

in line with Swiss Classic World, Lucerne




We are pleased to accept consignments of classic cars until the end of March. Please send us a photograph of the car and further information about it in advance.



Auction services

We offer thorough research and description, documentation and certificates, as well as international marketing and prompt administration. The auction processes are followed by international standards. Please find further information here



Business partners

Together with our partners Franks Originale (owner, managing director and expert Frank Lutz) and the Swiss Classic World (initiator, founder and managing director Bernd Link) we now have a committed, experienced team that provides optimum conditions for a successful international auction: the partners pool their know-how and experience in the field of research, description and marketing of classic cars on the one hand and the initiation, execution and conduction of international auctions on the other hand. Both sellers and buyers will benefit from this combined expertise, experience and know-how in the documentation and realisation of this Fischer Classic Car Auction.



Benefits for buyers and sellers

Switzerland has considerable potential both with regard to high-quality supplies and the demand for select classic cars. Furthermore conversations with collectors and dealers in this country and abroad confirm that Switzerland and with it an established international auction house can provide a good platform for a traditional international classic car auction. A crucial factor for Swiss collectors is the local advantage of selling and buying in Switzerland. As a convenient result, the complex export and import procedure does not apply. Both sellers and buyers will benefit from comprehensive documentation and the authentication by the FIVA Identity Card. The Galerie Fischer guarantees that the selected cars for the auction will be diversified and of high quality. In this context, every single car of the ca. forty to fifty selected vehicles is in best hands and will be ideally presented. The Classic Car Auction benefits from the Galerie Fischer’s renowned reputation and worldwide network of leading collectors with a great passion for classic cars. Last but not least both sellers and buyers will benefit from the combined expertise, experience and know-how of both partners in the realisation of this Fischer Classic Car Auction.


Documentation and FIVA Identity Card

The Galerie Fischer will issue for every offered car a FIVA Identity Card. We believe that in today’s environment the FIVA Identity card offers the best standard when it comes to quality and independence. In the present international art market the opinion of renowned experts is crucial. It is the responsibility of the expert to clarify the authenticity and to sort out questions and uncertainties. The knowledge and experience of the expert as well as the detailed documentation about the car (such as the manufacturer report, literature, information about restoration etc.) is on behalf of the sellers and buyers.


The FIVA Identity card is issued by the Autorité Nationale FIVA (ANF). Following information provides the basis for this documentation:
(a) Completed application form by the owner (including further documents such as registration certificate, proof of duty payment, information about licensing and manufacture, brochures, historical documents, instruction manual, catalogues etc.) plus four photographs
(b) Vetting of the veteran car club- or manufacturer society by members of the technical commission; signing of the complete forms
(c) Visual inspection by the technician of the associated veteran car club- or manufacturing society


Detailled press information regarding the Classic Car Auction