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Kunst- und Antiquitätenauktionen
Fischer Auktionen - Gegründet 1907

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Upcoming catalogues


Catalogue Classic Car Auction (May 28, 2016)

Shipping planned at the beginning of May 2016


Catalogue Fine Art Auction (June 15 to 17, 2016)
Shipping planned mid of May 2016
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Art - Catalogue I
Modern & contemporary art

 CHF 20  CHF 30  CHF 40

Art - Catalogue II

Old master's paintings and 19th century paintings, works on paper 15th to 19th century, books, paintings II

 CHF 20  CHF 30  CHF 40

Art - Catalogue III

Sculptures, Applied arts, Non-European art, Antiques, Jewellery, wrist and pocket watches

 CHF 20  CHF 30  CHF 40

Art - Catalogue I,II & III

Package containing catalogue I, II & III

 CHF 50  CHF 60  CHF 70

Classic Car Auction plus

Outstanding Old- und Youngtimer

including the ticket for the Swiss Classic World, Lucerne

 CHF 60  CHF 70  CHF 80

Classic Car Auction

Outstanding Old- und Youngtimer

 CHF 50  CHF 60  CHF 70
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